Our mission is to connect with people through authentic interactions that satisfy not only their practical needs but also their emotional wants.

“I was at a point where I was ready to give up and give in just to have peace back in my life. I only had a few days to have someone take care of my divorce for me and while searching online I was led to this Attorney and he literally saved me and made sure my future would be secure. I’ve worked with Attorneys, hired Attorneys in the past and known them in all walks of life but this is the first time that I ever felt I was talking with someone who was on my level and just a real good person. He’s friendly, honest and truly has your best interest in his heart. If ever I need him again I will not hesitate to call him.” -Jacqui G.

Most of us are acutely aware of our own struggles and we are preoccupied with our own problems. We sympathize with ourselves because we see our own difficulties so clearly. But Ian MacLaren noted wisely, “Let us be kind to one another, for most of us are fighting a hard battle.”

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” -John 16:33


Getting it done CORRECT!
     I was referred to Guichard St. Surin while experiencing a very chaotic separation. From the very beginning, he was attentive, accessible, knowledgeable, and well prepared. Mr. St. Surin kept me very well informed and in the loop of what was going on with my case. He kept my expectations realistic and more importantly he was able to deliver on his word. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. I highly recommend Guichard St. Surin and would absolutely use his services again as well as recommend his legal services to anyone.”
Erika (5 star review)
     “I want to express my gratitude not only for being cleared but for the gracious way I felt treated.”
Marie (5 star review)
Brilliant Job
     “You are smart and talented in that courtroom. You do a brilliant job. God bless you with a gift. By far you are my favorite lawyer.”
Fred (5 star review)
     "GUICHARD ST. SURIN immediately takes control of the situation. He is very professional and experienced! I live in another state but I needed him to handle a situation for my family member and Guichard proved to be extremely reliable and trustworthy!! I truly thank him for all of his help!"
Anonymous Client (5 star review)
Great Lawyer for hard times
     "This lawyer was recommended to me by my bail bondsman. He is very knowledgeable and kind. He gave me the results I was looking for in a timely manor. I highly recomend his services."
Steve (5 star review)
He is the Man!
     "He does his homework. He is reasonable. He is a great lawyer. He keeps you updated with your case and let’s you know what is going on. He offers payment plans and works with you. Fights for your freedom. I highly recommend him."
Anonymous Client (5 star review)
A genuine person and lawyer!
     "He spent plenty of time explaining my options and was very helpful, before I even hired him. I would recommend this lawyer for anyone."
Jeff (5 star review)
Great service
     "Mr Surin is very professional and thorough. He keeps you up to date and is reasonable with working with your payment schedule he resolved my case to my satisfaction I will definetly recommend him to someone"
Anonymous client (5 star review)
Highly Recommend Guichard St. Surin
     "I hired guichard st. Surin i recommend him to anyone who needs a attorney. He kept me informed he did his job. Mr Guichard even came to my house late after work to review my case. I highly recommend him thank you for everything you have done for me ."
Justice (5 star review)
Highly recommended!
     "One of my clients is a veteran of the 9/11 attacks and suffers from a number of emotional and physical problems as a result. This client hired Mr. St. Surin to help him with a legal matter. Prior to our court date, Mr. St. Surin kept me up-to-date with the case so I was better able to serve my client. On our court date, Mr. St. Surin went far beyond a mere courtroom appearance, including walking my client and myself from floor to floor and office to office within the courthouse, speaking to a number of courthouse employees on our behalf in order to get the job done. Not only is Mr. St. Surin trustworthy and knowledgeable in the law, he is also a very personable and friendly fellow. Because of my client’s condition, Mr. St. Surin often had to explain things repeatedly. He did so with great patience and a smile on his face. Finding yourself in need of an attorney is always a stressful event. Mr. St. Surin did a wonderful job in making my client’s legal matter go as easily and smoothly as possible."
Anonymous client (5 star review)
A great attorney
     "I would recommend Guichard St. Surin to anyone who is seeking legal counsel. He is an excellent attorney. My son was facing a possible 30 year sentence and due to Mr. St. Surin hard work and dedication he was sentence to 3 years instead. Mr. St. Surin is a knowledgeable attorney, he keeps his clients informed, and communicates often. He provides quality service at all times. Always in you corner."
Pat (5 star review)
Hallelujah, I found Guichard !
     "24/7 Service you can count on being there for you, just like he was for me. He did everything that he said he would do and more. I was very impressed and will continue to use Guichard for all my needs. Highly recommendable!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Anonymous client (5 star review)
Great Experience
     "Guichard St. Surin means what he says. He was in my corner from the moment I approached him with my case. He is very personable keeping his clients completely in the know, as well as professional and hardworking. He listened to me when I had concerns and needed clarification, and kept me involved without having to worry about a thing. I felt very relieved and confident that Guichard was doing his absolute best and providing excellent service as he would to one of his friends or family members. The process was much less stressful than I had anticipated, because it started out as a very tough situation for me."
Anonymous client (5 star review)
Driving while license suspended
     "Guichard is the best lawyer I have ever dealt with. He is understanding and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!! He loves to do his homework to get you the very best outcome for your situation."
Jose R (5 star review)
Meet the superhero of all attorneys
     "This is going to be hard to sum up the experience that I had with Mr. St Surin. To begin with, he has made this experience for what I thought that it was going to be horrible and long to pleasant and fast. He is the first attorney I have ever needed. He actually cares for you. Unlike most harsh attorney stereotypes of an attorney, Guichard does not meet those qualifications. He puts maximum effort into your case, doesn’t drag on the process, his fees are extremely reasonable, and wants to make a difference by helping you and whatever you need. I can honestly say he’s marvelous at his work and gets the work done in a sufficient time. If you ever need an attorney, contact him. Without his help, I don’t think I would be where I am today without him. Thanks for everything!"
Emily (5 star review)
Excellent lawyer!!!
     "Mr. St Surin was very forward and direct with my case from the beginning. He was able to get me exactly what was promised and then some!! It was a difficult case being that I had a prior out of state conviction. But he did an excellent job to get the case dismissed. Would highly recommend Mr. St. Surin!! Very professional and straight forward."
Tara (5 star review)
A great lawyer to have on your side
     "I hired Mr. St. Surin the day of my trial… Mr. St. Surin has showed me great determination and the ability to take on and handle a case on short notice. His professionalism and aggressive approach with my case has given me great confidence. Thank you Mr. St. Surin."
Anonymous client (5 star review)
Best Attorney in town
     "My husband and I our very picky people we sat down with tons of attorneys in Lee County and Guichard was the one that stuck out. He makes you feel as if you are part of the family and has never treated us as if you are just another case. He is honest and gives your case the extra miles it needs we’ve learn to never doubt him because at the end of the day he has our best interest in hand."
Ramos (5 star review)
Secure feeling
     “Was looking at fighting a case that would have jail time and probation involved. (Driving without a license) Wanted to plea my case and see what else could be offer. So instead of going to the court appointed attorney I went on a search for a qualified attorney. Thankfully I was recommended to see Mr Surin. Once I was done speaking with him I knew I was in good hands and had a secure feeling of knowing he was going to help in any way possible. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a good attorney that you need to feel secure in.”
Anonymous client (5 star review)
Knowledgeable and ethical
     "I had initial misgivings at the beginning of our first consultation in my divorce case, due to Mr. St. Surin's youthful appearance. At the end of our meeting , not only was I reassured that he was competent but I had an ally who had my back, so to speak. When there was a snafu with the court office that caused me to pay a fee that I felt was unwarranted. Mr. St. Surin made it right , by issuing me a check right away. Lawyer jokes don't apply to this guy. I would definitely recommend his services and use him again if necessary.S"
Sherette-Ann (4 star review)
Modification of my court order
     I am a 49 year old male single parent of two girls now thanks to the Guichard Law Ferm. What I most like about working with this law firm was they put my children and my needs first and foremost. They worked continuously in timely fashion on bringing my case to court and obtaining a winning decision for me. So to all the men in this world that think that they can't win custody of their children. I am living proof that you can with the help of this law firm. May I see at this time thank you for everything you've done for me in this process. GOD BLESS YOU.
Mitchell (5 star review)
First time visit was great
     “I came into his office worried regarding the case I had. Unfortunately he could not take my case , but was able to guide me and help with what my concerns where. Any other cases I have or any of my family, he will be the one to take over. Overall I was glad I spoke to someone that was knowledgeable.”
Anonymous client (5 star review)
The most sincere lawyer I've ever met (and I've met a lot)
     “I saw Attorney St. Surin and his partner on a FOX morning show and being that I'm a good judge of character, once the program ended, I called the lawyer's office for a consultation. I was greeted by a very warm staff, with no superiority attitudes, which was wonderful. Then the time spent with Attorney St. Surin was such a great exchange of communication (absent from many lawyers), that although we decided he was not going to be able to help me specifically, I would most definitely refer him to friends. Additionally, I would be back in a heart-beat should I have an area of law in which he could serve me as a client. It is not often that I have been with any attorney with any legal matter, that a sense of trust, and it being as much about me as his fees, was evident. Attorney St. Surin is an asset to the Florida Bar and the state of Florida.”
Robin (5 star review)
The best lawyer I've come across thus far!!!
     “I hired Mr.St Surin to represent my husband with his criminal case. My husband has been in the county jail since June 2014 being represented by a public defender and was facing 10 years to life in prison for 6 gun charges and drugs. That's when I found Mr.St Surin in September. He was upfront and honest about everything pertaining to my husband's case, himself and absolutely no hidden fees. He took my husband's case and immediately started investigating it. He went to my husband's court hearing in October and got all 6 gun charges dropped leaving him with just the drug charges. He got him a great deal of 3 years probation the first time going to court as my husband's attorney, so my husband will be home in November. With having 8 kids he did exactly what I needed him to do in such a short amount of time and he always always kept in contact with me about my husband's case. My family and I will forever grateful to Mr.St Surin for giving my husband another chance to do right and get his life back on track. The money is well worth the job he's done for us and I will definitely be referring him to any and everybody I know who needs a great attorney. I will now be hiring him to work on my brother's case. Thank you Mr.St Surin.”
Angie (5 star review)
He's a guy you can count on.
     “This guy gave me a second chance. I made a mistake in life that could have had some serious consequences, but Guichard reduce those drastically . I had a few D I'm eternally grateful to this man. He might be a young attorney, but he's one with respect and trust. He'll give you the right advice and tell you how it is. The second i left his office i felt a burden lifted off my shoulders. He kept in contact with me and updated me during the whole process. This guy really saved me from a long life of regret.”
Daniel(5 star review)
Highly Recommend
     “I cannot express how greatful my family is to Guichard St. Surin. From the moment I contact him he was right on my daughters case. He put my mind at easy regarding a very stressful time. He did everything that he said he would do with much success. I highly recommend Mr. St. Surin to all as I feel he is a lawyer that possess honestly and integrity.”
Colleen (5 star review)


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