About Our Practice

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”

– Albert Einstein

At the Guardian Law Firm, we believe in the sanctity of marriage. It is our goal to provide you with as many resources to help salvage your marriage. If all else fails, we are here to help you facilitate the divorce process to establish long-term stability that minimizes the need for subsequent court action as well as the emotional drain on the parties and families.

We strive to provide the best client service possible in a warm and welcoming environment. To that end, we leverage the use of technology to create systems and procedures to help us be more connected with you.

Leveraging technology has several significant benefits:

  1. It reduces the cost of doing business which directly benefits clients by affording us the opportunity of doing manageable payment plans.
  2. It helps us to practice what we preach, and that is putting our children first. It reduces our workload and risk of burnout which benefits our children immensely because mom and dad are not on empty by the time they get home.
  3. It creates more time for us to spend on the client rather than the case; time that we spend thinking and developing creative ways of fulfilling our promise to you. The vision and promise of “making our clients feel cared for, unlike anywhere else.”

We are committed to providing the kind of service and environment that we all want as consumers.

With representation and the right attorneys in their corner, our clients will return to being the productive citizens and family members they have been and wanted to be again.

We truly are here to serve the one.

Mission Statement

Connecting with people through authentic interactions that satisfy not only their practical needs but also their emotional wants.

Vision Statement

To Be the Light ~ To Equip ~ To Guide ~ To Empower 

To serve the One. Serving the one client by guiding them through the process, shining a light even the darkest corners, equipping them with the tools and empowering them to lead a productive life after going through a divorce, a child support and time sharing/custody battle.

Customer Service Vision Statement

Making our clients feel cared for, unlike anywhere else.

Be Excellent ~ Be Engaged ~ Be Empowered


Be Excellent –Be brilliant at service, provide resources and innovative solutions, and anticipate needs.

Be Engaged –Create memorable experiences, friendly, empathy, committed.

Be Empowered –Empowered to say yes, accountable, anticipate need, and fix it.