Child Support & Timesharing (Custody)

Child Support & Timesharing (Custody)

Attorneys at The Guardian Law Firm understand that getting a divorce can be a positive action, especially when there are troubling times within a parental relationship. Keeping the best interests of minor children a priority issue is highly important; this is always a primary goal for us as we work with you to create solutions in the areas of Child Support & Timesharing (Custody).

The Guardian Law Firm, P.A.

Attorney Guichard St. Surin has helped Southwest Florida parents work through troublesome parenting issues, including disputes over Child Support & Timesharing (Custody). He enjoys seeing positive results come from affordable mediation and personal meetings with clients. Minor children need love and attention from both parents; they also need to have timely support payments and visitation by loved ones, no matter how contentious a divorce action becomes.

Attorney Guichard St. Surin

The law career of Attorney Guichard St. Surin is dedicated to Family Law and Criminal Defense. Sometimes these areas overlap, as when divorced couples have problems that include Domestic Violence. Attorney St. Surin provides thorough, caring and affordable services that allow clients to better manage their personal challenges as parents, despite any Family Law disputes. He is always in your corner, ready to provide you with the benefits of his legal knowledge and experience.

Fort Myers Child Support Lawyer

In his work with clients who need an experienced Fort Myers Child Support Lawyer, Attorney St. Surin knows that every client issue is unique. He works hard to listen carefully so he can understand the needs and goals of each client. He firmly believes that this is far better than a “one size fits all” approach to any Family Law legal issue.

Naples Child Custody Attorney

Southwest Florida people seeking an experienced Naples Child Custody Attorney need look no further than The Guardian Law Firm. Our law firm focuses in helping clients with all Family Law matters, including:

  • Child Custody/Support
  • Visitation
  • Relocation
  • Modifications

There are many reasons parents want to make some changes in their previous agreements or court ordered actions. We work diligently to see that your viewpoints are understood and to make the changes that are in your best interest, as well as good for the welfare of any minor children involved.

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