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There are numerous consequences that can follow when a person receives
a criminal conviction. One of these collateral consequences is the
potential deportation or removal of a “qualifying” individual. Much of
the deportation consequences contained in the United States Code
Annotated centers around the classification of a person as a United
State citizen. For example, an alien is defined as “any person not a
citizen or national of the United States.” 8 U.S.C.A. Section
1101(a)(3). Then, there are certain categories of crimes that can lead
to these immigration consequences, including crimes involving moral
turpitude, controlled substances, firearms, and domestic violence, to
name a few. 8 U.C.S. 1227(a)(2).

Although these are some examples of crimes listed in the United State
Code, Immigration law is complex and there are different factors that
will affect whether or not a person may or may not be subject to
collateral immigration consequences. If you believe you may be affected
by these rules, seek the advice of an attorney.

*Disclaimer: This summary was prepared by the Law Office of Guichard St. Surin, P.A. and should be used as a reference only. Interested parties should contact an attorney before drawing legal conclusions.

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