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Sometimes you have to go to trial to present your story and get a fair outcome. But the fact is that going to trial is rarely a good decision for most people. The cost, stress, and stakes are at a peak. Going to trial is almost a roll of the dice despite the skill and experience of your attorney.

At trial, you must influence the thoughts of a group of jurors. That is easier said than done and is always unpredictable.

Once you decide to go to trial the chances of the prosecutor offering a deal diminish. You face one of two possibilities: a not-guilty or guilty verdict. The guilty verdict will come with consequences usually more severe than an early plea settlement will bring.

But sometimes a case is best taken to trial. During the trial your attorney and the prosecutor will present a sequence of witnesses, documents, and physical evidence. You will not have to testify unless you choose to – that is your constitutional right. You will normally know the verdict soon after the trial ends.

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