Understanding the Requirements for Divorce Part 6 of 6 | Divorce Attorney Fort Myers/Naples

SUMMARY: To sum up, then, the Divorce Process and its Requirements include:

  • One of the parties must have lived in Florida for six (6) months.
  • A petition asking the court to dissolve your marriage is filed based on one of two grounds which are:
    • Irretrievable differences that have caused the breakdown of the marriage or
    • Mental incompetence of one of the parties.
  • The proper papers are served on your spouse.
  • After evidence is presented at a properly scheduled trial, the court settles such matters as:
    • How you will share parental and financial responsibility for your minor children after the end of the marriage,
    • How you and your spouse will divide the assets and liabilities acquired during and as a result of your marriage,
    • Your continuing support obligations to each other, if any,
    • Your continuing support obligations to support your children,
    • The obligation for payment of attorney fees for the other party, and
    • The desirability of restraining orders to stop certain actions.

Often the termination of your marriage involves complex questions of law and court procedure that may permanently affect your property and personal rights. Your attorneys at The Guardian Law Firm, P.A. will assist you in these matters in order to be certain that your valuable legal rights are not lost to you.

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