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In Florida, the penalties for DUI can be harsh and the judge must impose certain minimum penalties and must adjudicate the driver guilty unless a skillful attorney can negotiate a plea to reckless driving or some other offense. The Law Office of Guichard St. Surin in Fort Myers can help you fight your DUI.

Being Convicted in Florida for a DUI

For a first conviction- Fine of no less than $500 up to $1000, probation time, DUI School and drivers license suspension.

For a second conviction, the penalties go up substantially.  For a conviction within five years, mandatory jail time, fines go up, license suspension for 5 years

A third conviction within ten years can result in the loss of your license for life and no less than 30 days in jail.  Many Judges impose harsher penalties than the minimum required. .

The important thing to remember is that the penalties go up with each successive conviction so successfully challenging the first DUI arrest becomes critical.

Fight Your DUI in Fort Myers

A DUI conviction follows you for life.  There is no way to erase or expunge it.  Do not take the easy way out and plead guilty without consulting an experience attorney. Hiring a good lawyer now can save you from a lifetime record that can affect job opportunities and your future, contact the Law Office of Guichard St. Surin today.

*Disclaimer: This summary was prepared by the Law Office of Guichard St. Surin, P.A. and should be used as a reference only. Interested parties should contact an attorney before drawing legal conclusions.

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