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Understanding the Requirements for Divorce Part 1 of 6 | Divorce Attorney Fort Myers/Naples

When beginning the process of a Dissolution there are many questions that our clients have. Below is the beginning of a two week long blog that we at the Guardian hope will relieve some of your questions.

Dissolution of Marriage: Dissolution is the process whereby a husband and wife end their marriage to each other.

Purpose of the Statute: The purposes of the Florida Dissolution of Marriage Statute are (1) to preserve the integrity of marriage and to safeguard meaningful family relationships, , (2) to promote the amicable settlement of disputes that arise between parties to a marriage and (3) to mitigate the potential harm to the spouses and their children caused by the process of legal dissolution of marriage.

Residence Requirements: In order to file a petition for dissolution of marriage, one of the parties in the marriage must reside or actually live in Florida for six months before the filing of the petition. This requirement prevents people from out of state from coming into Florida for the sole purpose of using the courts here to dissolve their marriage. Residency may be proved to the court by an affidavit of a second person other than your spouse to the effect that he or she knows of their own personal knowledge that you or your spouse have in fact been a continuous resident of the State of Florida for in excess of six months immediately prior to the filing of the dissolution of marriage action or by other proof of residency.

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Serving the One

At the Guardian Law Firm, we believe in the sanctity of marriage. It is our goal to provide you with as many resources to help salvage your marriage. If all else fails, we are here to help you facilitate the divorce process to establish long-term stability that minimizes the need for subsequent court action as well as the emotional drain on the parties and families.

We strive to provide the best client service possible in a warm and welcoming environment. To that end, we place a high priority on detail, value, service, and communication, beginning with the initial consultation, and continuing even after the matter is resolved.

We are committed to providing the kind of service and environment that we all want as consumers.

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We truly are here to serve the one.

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