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According to Florida Criminal Punishment Code 921.002, the primary goal of sentencing in a criminal case is to punish the criminal defendant.  However, in Lee and Collier counties, Florida juveniles are treated differently.  According to Florida Statute Section 985.02, the main purpose of the juvenile justice system is to protect the community.  Additionally, the Fort Myers and Naples juvenile justice system considers it a high priority to prevent and reduce juvenile crimes.  Florida law requires Fort Myers and Naples juvenile justice system to implement programs that do the following:

  1. Focus on strengthening the Fort Myers and Naples juvenile’s family and allowing children to remain in their homes, instead of in Fort Myers and Naples juvenile facilities.
  2. Divert Fort Myers and Naples juveniles from the courtroom and into an intervention program.
  3. Provide rehabilitative treatment to Fort Myers and Naples juvenile criminal defendants.

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*Disclaimer: This summary was prepared by the Law Office of Guichard St. Surin, P.A. and should be used as a reference only. Interested parties should contact an attorney before drawing legal conclusions.

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