What You Should Do If You Are Arrested Part 1 of 2 | Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Myers/Naples


  1. Stay Calm;
  1. Do not resist or try to run away (this may lead to further charges against you);
  1. Be as polite as possible, do not interfere or obstruct the Officers from doing their jobs (this may also lead to further charges against you);
  1. Give your name and address if you’re asked, but remember you don’t need to say anything more;
  1. Insist that you be given an opportunity to speak with your attorney;
  1. Contact an Attorney from The Guardian Law Firm, P.A. as soon as possible;
  1. Do not give any statement unless you have spoken to your attorney;
  1. Do not write any statements or sign any statements that have been prepared for you without your Attorney present;
  1. Notify a friend or family member, so they can make arrangements to facilitate your release (including further contact with our office).

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